In Italy, from 1st  July 2018 on, the sales of petrol and diesel to VAT owners will be justified exclusively by the electronic invoices.From July, therefore, getting petrol or diesel from the road distributor, to deduct cost and VAT, the VAT owners must request an electronic invoice; the fuel paper will no longer have any tax value.Moreover, from 1st July, in order to deduct the cost and the VAT related to fuel, every VAT owner must pay by credit or debit card. Payment by cash will be obviously accepted by the petrol station but It will not be recognized for tax purposes.I must point out that the credit or the debit card must be related to the name of the VAT owner that buys the fuel. If a professional gets petrol or diesel on the motorway and the credit card’s owner is, for instance, the wife, he will not be able to deduct the cost and the VAT.The electronic invoice will be issued in Xml format and sent through the Interchange System and then kept for ten years in the appropriate cloud.Today, who pays only by credit or debit card can use the credit card balance in place of the fuel paper as a useful document for the deduction of cost and VAT. From the literal tenor of the norm, however, it is conceivable that this can no longer be done. We all hope that clarity will be made on this last point of my


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